Our story


Koisus Inc. is a commercial general contractor with offices in California of USA and Korea

People are our most valuable asset. This includes our employees and those that we work with and for. Our safety culture focuses on protecting these most valuable assets.


Koisus Inc. is everyone’s job! Here’s how we ensure everyone stays safe. We implement on-going and specialty training, proactive planning, and regular inspections. We provide and reward continual peer and management review and support. We maintain effective incentive programs recognizing achievement Everyone is committed to our safety goal


‘In everything that we do, we always consider safety first. We want everyone to go home at the end of each shift as whole and healthy as they started their day, with no injuries or accidents.’



Koisus Inc. brings a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and social equity that goes beyond building LEED certified projects. The triple bottom line of "people, planet and profit" is an ethic that drives our company, and represents who we are as people. We bring this perspective to all our projects, providing the information needed to balance cost and benefit for measures that increase resource efficiency.

We are a special partner for you to build houses, commercial interiors, factory warehouses